Ayyappa Samaaj

Ayyappa Samaaj is a registered 501 (c)3 non profit organization consisting of the devotees of Lord Ayyappa based out of the San Francisco Bay Area in California, USA. The group has thousands of members and hundreds of volunteers who have been actively conducting pujas and bhajans in praise of Lord Ayyappa since the turn of the millennium.


  • Operate a Cultural and Spiritual Center to propagate and perpetuate the religious and cultural aspects of the worship of Lord Ayyappa,
  • Promote awareness of Lord Ayyappa and deities associated with Lord Ayyappa in the community,
  • Publish electronic and print publications to promote the awareness of Lord Ayyappa and associated deities to the community,
  • Organize spiritual events as well as religious events that are associated with the worship of Lord Ayyappa and associated deities,
  • Promote the construction of a permanent shrine for Lord Ayyappa and deities associated with Lord Ayyappa in one of the temples in the San Francisco Bay Area or adjoining locations, and
  • Provide assistance to other communities (local and worldwide) in the area of human, religious and community assistance services.


  • 10-year-old organization, which was incorporated as a non-profit organization over five years ago
  • Primary focus is on religious and cultural events attracting thousands of devotees and patrons every year at Ayyappa Samaaj hosted events.
  • Successful track record of organizing stage plays, dances and musical concerts with attendance of 800-1000 patrons per event.
  • Wide reaching alliances and relationships with other non-profit and community based organizations.
  • Compelling social presence, with over 4000 “likes” on the facebook page, with relevant and timely content.
  • Frequent engagement with a 5000+ strong devotees and patrons who are part of our mailing list.
  • Over 2500 copies of our Books and Publications have been distributed to our patrons and devotees.
  • Over 1000 copies of our colorful calendar have been printed and distributed.