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ComboOrder your food tokens for the drama in advance

TWO Ticket Collection Events this Weekend


Please join us for an exclusive Meet and greet with Comedy King Crazy Mohan at Bhimas.  You will get to meet Crazy Mohan in a small group setting, have mouthwatering dinner brought to you by Tirupathi Bhimas.

Ask Crazy Mohan about his experiences with Kamal Hassan and Rajanikanth. Ask him about his latest passion for writing Venbas. And what is a Venba? What is his next project? What is the sequel to Google Gadothgajan?

And so much more…. Send your questions for Crazy Mohan to tickets@googlegadothgajan.com

Why are we announcing advance food purchase? As you may have noticed, all of our tickets for the drama have been sold – meaning we have a full house with 1400+ patrons. With so many patrons, we are expecting huge lines in the food coupon sales and distribution area. In order to manage the long lines, we are selling food coupon tickets online at a discounted price. Many patrons have already taken advantage of this

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Thanks to Safari Kid (408) 600-6031 and their caring, professional team for joining this event, and providing child care, ONSITE! You now can register your children for child-care, and watch the drama with peace of mind, knowing that your children are just steps away from you, and being well-taken care of! We really have limited space, so please buy your child care ticket NOW!! Also note, all proceeds from child care will be donated to Community Seva,

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